The Better Part



2016 KNVT15 Award       Lifetime Achievement Award

2015 Wave Award          Honeybees: Colonization & Culture      Finalist (2 categories)

2013 WAVE Award          Irish Bagpipes                         Finalist 

2013 WAVE Award          Senior Housing Choices Ahead           Finalist
2012 WAVE Award          From Lucille Ball to Audiology         First Place

2011 CREST Award         From the City of Cupertino for
                         outstanding community service.

2011 HOMETOWN            Habitat for Humanity                   Honorable Mention
2010 WAVE                Award Alzheimer's: Talk to Me          Finalist (2 categories)
2010 CreaTive            Award Peregrine Falcon - Saved!        Finalist 

2010 WAVE                Award Peregrine Falcon - Saved!        Finalist 

2010 WAVE Award          Christmas With Serendipity              Finalist 

2008 WAVE Award          Putting the Cart Before the Horse       First Place

2007 Wave Award          Necklace - The Birth of a Musical       First Place

2006 WAVE AWARD          Giving and Giving Back                  First Place
                         Is it Alzheimer's?         Finalist Diagnosis Alzheimer's? Finalist 2005 WAVE AWARD Pool Therapy in Spinal Cord Injury First Place The Cupertino History Museum Finalist James Keller Playwright Finalist(2 Categories) One Man's Journey Through War & Life Finalist 2005 CREST Award Diane Benedetti Plaque 2004 WAVE AWARD The Encounter at NASA Ames First Place Celebrating 20 Years First Place Diabetes - More or Less Finalist 2003 WAVE AWARD          55 Alive Update First Place 2002 COPA         Val Jeffery                             Plaque 2002 WAVE AWARD Earthquake in El Salvador First Place Wings of History Finalist Wanna Make a Movie? Finalist 2001 WAVE AWARD Electric Cars for the 21st Century Second Place 2001 Earth Vision 200l Electric Cars for the 21st Century Finalist 2002 COPA        Ernie Piini                             Plaque 2000 Earth Vision 2000, Composting Honorable Santa Cruz Mention Agricultural Research Project Honorable Mention 2000 WAVE AWARD 911 Emergency Services Finalist 1999 WAVE AWARD The Caribbean Eclipse Finalst Certificate Visit to Candyland First Place Plaque 1998 BACE Rip King Memorial Award Plaque Dorothy Stevens Recipient 1998 WAVE AWARD B-29 Pilot Finalist Certificate 1997 WAVE AWARD Program 500: Programming Finalist for Seniors Certificate 1997 COPA Dorothy Stevens Plaque 1997 3RD ANNUAL Joint Replacement: Health Related Honorable ACCESS AWARDS Mention Certificate 1996 WAVE AWARD Habitat for Humanity Finalist Certificate 1995 WAVE AWARD Vocal Flight Finalist Certificate 1995 SOUTHERN SUNSHINE Instructional category First place VIDEO FESTIVAL Four part Medical Series Plaque 1994 RSVP Dorothy Stevens Outstanding Service Certificate and Plaque 1993 J C Penney Exceptional Volunteer Service Certificate Golden Rule Award 1990 Tino Showcase Best Intro to Program First place Plaque 1990 Tino Showcase Earthquake Preparation First place for Handicapped Plaque 1989 Access Showcase Supercrew Certificate 1988 California Parks & Volunteer Award Plaque Recreation Society Outstanding Service 1987 Hometown Video Community Participation Finalist 1987 Valley Cable Community Event Second Place Recognition Plaque 1986 Tino Awards In depth Interview Second Place 1984 City of Cupertino Civic Service Award Certificate Work of Special Distinction and Plaque 1984 Tino Showcase Sunset Magazine Program First place Trophy
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