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  1,001 Furry Friends Pet owners bring their “Furry Friends” to love and be loved by seniors living in the Pacific Gardens retirement community
  1,002 CHP Local Commander Meet Captain Cathy Wayne and hear her discuss the CHP and her 24 year career
  1,003 Dutch Indos: The last generation A member of the last generation of DUTCH INDO aristocrats describes their lifestyle in Indonesia prior to WW II, their expulsion to Holland, and their new life there
  1,004 The Final Harvest The Harris-Lass Farm House Museum reflects the agricultural history of the Santa Clara Valley
  1,005 Being Irish To celebrate St. Patrick's Day Week hear three local Irishmen discuss what it means to be Irish. Also hear about the book "The Definitive St. Patrick's Day Festivity Book."
  1,006 Kidney Transplants:  One Donor Gives Two New Lives Recipients tell their own stories.
  1,007 KKUP Radio Station KKUP… Radio Cupertino is an Alternative Radio Station that has been broadcasting for over 37 years.  Find out what Radio Cupertino has to offer and how you can subscribe to this station.
  1,008 Sky Train to Tibet Tibetan women on the edge of history and The Sky Train.  
  1,009 Senior League Baseball Senior League Baseball: America's national sport, played by the older generation.
  1,010 Relay For Life The relay is an annual worldwide fund-raising event for the Cancer Society.  This program describes the Cupertino community's participation, the results of the 2010 fund raising for the American Cancer Society, how the money is spent, and why and how you can become involved.
  1,011 Carousel Horses Old and New Jim Sugai has been volunteering at the W. E. Mason Carousel in Los Gatos. Loretta Brainard paints and decorates hobby carousel horses into beautiful art pieces for the home. 
  1,012 League of Women Voters Two members of the Cupertino-Sunnyvale Chapter of the League of Women Voters explain the State Propositions on the November 2, 2010 ballot
  1,013 Los Altos Green Town,
Learn about an organization created to improve the environment in the cities of Los Altos and Los Altos Hills as well as the surrounding communities
  1,014 Post Traumatic Stress Disorder A Viet Nam veteran describes his struggle for 35 years with PTSD and ultimate recovery through veteran support groups
  1,015 Diamonds - 4Cs Local GIA Accredited jewelry professional answers frequently asked questions that are helpful in making an informed decision for someone out to buy diamond jewelry.
  1,016 Computer Solutions Learn how to prevent, or deal with the most common personal computer problems. 
  1,017 Discovering San Andreas Fault Few of the major population centers of California are very far removed from an active fault. Visit the San Andreas Fault with us, and see how geologists can determine exactly where it is in our area.
  1,018 Veteran of Foreign Wars Annapolis graduate and academic executive, naval Captain Charles Merdinger, describes his military service during World War II, Korea, and Viet Nam.
  1,019 Antique Cars 10th Annual Antique Auto Show – Learn about the early unique 20th Century auto designs
  1,020 JW House A hospitality house for families of children in the hospital.  
  1,021 Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery Prominent cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Vincent LePore, describes some of the latest procedures being done today
  1,022 The Longest Race Hear how the world’s longest, and first, auto race in1906, was commemorated in 2006, and will be retraced in 2013.
  1,023 Senior Olympics Champion Ninety-five year old Senior Olympics champ, Don Pellmann, describes his adventures setting world records and winning over 800 medals since he began competing at the age of 70.
  1,024 Cupertino Kiwanis Club Tune in and learn all about this service club and how its members have been providing services to our community since 1955.
  1,025 From Lucille Ball to Audiology and Everything in Between Learn about hearing loss and her memories of her aunt Lucille Ball and uncle Desi Arnaz .
  1,026 African Safari World travelers Jerry and Ginny Kaminski share their experiences from Tanzania and Kenya.
  1,027 Land Your Dream Job  The guest gives tips on Job Searching Skills that include self assessment, networking, building a resume, preparing for an Interview and finally accepting that coveted job.     
  1,028 Healthy Steps As we grow older, life presents many new challenges. The Healthy Steps program can help you find new resources, try new activities, and motivate you to get and stay fit. 
  1,029 Civil Grand Jury What is the Civil Grand Jury and how does it fit into our judicial system? How you can be part of the Civil Grand Jury.
  1,030 Energy Saving for Fun and Profit You really can save dollars on your energy bills, electricity and gas. Just follow some of the tips or participate in one of the programs discussed by our guest. Great for you and the environment     
  1,031 Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis A Los Altos resident with rheumatoid arthritis set a goal to climb Mount Everest in March of 2011. This program explains why and how he managed to achieve his goal.
  1,032 San Jose Fire Museum "The Best Collection No One Has Seen".  Come visit this wonderful collection of firefighting equipment and memorabilia. Learn about their efforts to find a new home and make it a major tourist attraction. 
  1,033 Two Sisters Hike the John Muir Trail Two sisters share memories and photos of their four week 210 mile hike crossing much of the High Sierra mountain range. 
  1,034 Remembering the Woman Who Could Not Forget  An  interview with Ying Ying Chang the author of "The Woman Who Could Not Forget," the poignant biography of her late daughter, the internationally acclaimed author and historian Iris Chang.
  1,035 Adapted Physical Fitness with Tom Beggs People with limited movement can do physical fitness to keep the muscles strong and burn calories.  Heae about some outings available for physically challenged that are wonderful for socializing and getting outdoors.
  1,036 Education of a Musician Exploring the education of musical prodigy Nathan Chan.  
  1,037 Flo Oy Wong, Visual Storyteller An interview with a local Chinese American artist who tells why she transitioned from teaching to creating art that is inspired by her family's life stories.
  1,038 Adventures in Flying Light Sport Aircraft We visited  the Hollister Municipal Airport to talk to members of the Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 110 about their participation in flying light sport aircraft.  
  1,039 Poet Laureate Is rap music poetry?  Is poetry still alive?  What exactly is poetry?  Tune in to hear Poet Laureate,  David Denny, answer these questions and more.
  1,040 Making Movies in the Classroom Learn how video is used to supplement 'Reading,  Writing & 'Rithmatic' at Nimitz Elementary School in Sunnyvale, California      
  1,041 Saving a Home for the National Register An interview with an ambitious couple who moved and restored a home in Campbell that is now on the US National Register of Historic Places.
  1,042 Kicking and Dancing Watch this versatile kickboxing and dance instructor demonstrate his talents.
  1,043 A Christmas Story for Children  Camel Lot is a musical story performed by the Fourth Grade class of St. Joseph's of Cupertino school. 
  1,044 Colossal Sea Shell Collection Come with us to the world of sea shell collecting. Our guest will share some of his 5,000 shells from 1,000 species. It's fascinating.  
  1,045 Emily Greco: Becoming An Actress Becoming an actress requires time, training, dedication, passion and patience. Meet a young actress who has worked hard to develop her career and hear about her experiences.   
  1,046 For the Love of Fishing We learn about a sport fishing club that spreads the love of fishing to the community.
  1,047 Silicon Valley Rotating Shelter Men looking to get back to permanent housing and a sustainable lifestyle are assisted by the faith community and other volunteers. The Executive Director tells how this program works and the impact it has had.
  1,048 The Anson Burlingame Story We discuss the life and influence of the United States' first envoy to China, Anson Burlingame. Burlingame California is named after him. 
  1,049 Pros and Cons of the June 2012 Propositions A discussion of Propositions 28 and 29 by the League of Women Voters.
  1,050 Growing Older, Growing Better Find out how we can stay healthy and vibrant as we grow older.
  1,051 TBP Hobbies Three members of Cupertino Senior TV Productions, producers of The Better Part program, talk about their interesting hobbies
  1,052 New Developments in Dental Health Care Join us as we talk with a dentist about the newest developments in modern dental care and oral hygiene.  
  1,053 Life Changing Story-Ana Maria Sanchez Meet the author of a bestselling autobiography, Girl from the Hood Gone Good.  Her career is dedicated to empowering people to live the lives they deserve.  
  1,054 The Power of Two Featured are two identical, Asian twins who overcame Cystic Fibrosis and flourished. Hear their brave story.  
  1,055 Irish Bagpipes

To get ready for St. Patrick's Day we will be interviewing a Celtic musician who plays the Irish Bagpipes. They are very different from Scottish Highland pipes.  Listen to him play and then discuss this wonderful instrument.

  1,056 Voice Acting As A Second Career Life after retirement!  How one man turned his unique gift into a second career after he retired.  What's your unique gift to explore in your later years. 
  1,057 Sports & Recreation for Everyone You are in for a treat with Tom Beggs as the host and Justin Cecil as his guest. Justin shares his passion for sports and recreation. His new position as the Recreation Coordinator at the Cupertino Senior Center has him busy with several classes and special activities for its members.
  1,058 Licensed Midwifery Care Our guest is a licensed Midwife, Doula and Midwifery Educator. She shares her passion of her career, volunteering with the organization MamaBaby Haiti, and excellent information about midwifery.   
  1,059 West Valley Community Services West Valley Community Services serves over 6,000 individuals and families annually. They are a non-profit organization that provides much needed assistance to our community. Here about their delicious fund raiser event Chefs of Compassion.  
  1,060 Santa Cruz Follies Are you a singer or dancer longing to get on stage and perform? Learn about an entertainment group that has been performing since 1956. Every year they do a fantastic professional performance.  
  1,061 Yellow Journalist A pioneer Asian American journalist, William Wong,  talks about his career and his books. The title is an interesting play on words.
  1,062 Women's Ice Hockey & Celebrating Title Nine Two women athletes discuss their sport and how they benefited from Title Nine.
  1,063 The Redenbachers, Popcorn to Socks Orville Redenbacher's daughter, Billie Atwood, and grandson, Kevin Fish tell us fun stories about his life. Billie also talks about being a socks collector.
  1,064 November Statewide Propositions The League of Women Voters  discuss the pros and cons of the upcoming November election's statewide propositions.
  1,065 Senior Housing ,Choices Ahead An introduction to the process of selecting Senior Housing for yourself, a relative or Parent. Start planning now.  
  1,066 Gathering of Poets Three poet laureates gather to read their selections of their and other poet's poems. Poems always seem better when read aloud by a poet.
  1,067 The Noblin Journeys Guitar virtuoso, Andrew Norblin, describes the artistic worldwide journeys of himself and his father the famous Polish artist Stefan Norblin and his mother the famous motion picture actress Lena Zellichowska. 
  1,068 Serving Your City - Cupertino Find out how volunteer commissioners are appointed to advise the Cupertino City Council in specified areas where they have expertise.
  1,069 American Legion The American Legion offers valuable services for members of the military, past and present.
  1,070 Courage and Compassion Bay Area author, Marty Brounstein will talk about his fascinating factual book about courage, compassion and World War II history for Jews living in Holland.
  1,071 Fundraising and Charities Learn about fund raising and charities from a professional, certified,  fundraiser, CFRE. You will also find out how to check on a charity and see if they are financial responsible.
  1,072 Fremont Union High Schools Foundation Hear how the Fremont Union High Schools Foundation is coming to the rescue of cash strapped local high schools. Do you have a foundation for your local cash strapped schools?   
  1,073 Retired but not Tired Tireless retired businessman shares his pursuit of empowering the less fortunate in his home country of India. He also talks about his hobbies like stamp collection and travels around the globe.  
  1,074 Honor Thy Mother Retired catholic priest, Monsignor Ronald Royer, describes his tribulations and joys during the twelve years he cared for his aged mother at their home in the foothills.  
  1,075 Bullying Learn about the different types of bullying and what we can do about it.  
  1,076 American Institute of Mathematics Learn about the American Institute of Mathematics, AIM, from its Director, Dr. Brian Conrey, in Palo Alto and moving to a "Castle" in Morgan Hill, California
  1,077 Economic Development Manager City Economic Development Manager, Angela Tsui, describes her duties as a small business manager. She also describes her interest for all businesses.
  1,078 Cupertino Library We look into how the Cupertino Library is meeting the challenges of the 21st century.
  1,079 Soul Food of Chinese Nomads Hakka cuisine is the Soul Food of the Chinese Nomads. 
  1,080 Montebello Elementary School This one-room elementary schoolhouse, that later grew to three rooms, operated from 1892 until 2009 and remains a significant part of Cupertino history. The story is told by a teacher, a past student, and a school board member. 
  1,081 Motivational Speaker Danni Burton describes how she transitioned from the corporate world to the world of management training and her own business.  
  1,082 Realtor Service Volunteer Program Silicon Valley Association of Realtors volunteer program called RSVP which started in 2001 and has expanded every year. Realtors volunteer once a year for seniors and home bound people by doing chores in their home. Our host Suzanne Barnett, interviews two long time volunteers and senior beneficiaries who anxiously look forward to the next year.   
  1,083 A Banquet of Poems Poet Nellie Wong has combined her talent for writing poetry with her political passions.
  1,084 Biodynamic Farming Several acres of land in the beautiful Santa Cruz mountains is a farm called Love Apple Farm. From the beginning of its establishment the owner Cynthia Sandberg is farming the land with biodynamic methods. Susan Davis our host interviews Cynthia to find out what a biodynamic farm is, what are its benefits, opportunities for the public to take classes.   
  1,085 History of Mah Jong in the United States Have you heard of the popular Chinese game Mah Jong?    
  1,086 Redwood Glen - Rooted for Renewal Redwood Glen is a woodland retreat and conference center in the coastal redwoods of Loma Mar CA.  It is celebrating 55 years of renewal and fellowship. Over the years thousands of leaders and friendships were developed here.
  1,087 Viet Nam Reflections of Major General Robert B. Ostenberg Major General Robert B. Ostenberg, U.S. Army Retired, reflects on his time in Viet Nam, giving interesting and down to earth descriptions of situations he experienced as Platoon Commander.
  1,088 Operation Freedom Paws Mary Cortani Operation Freedom Paws founder, is a guest with two other group members. Hear about the loving bond between the person and the service dog. The Bay Area is fortunate to have a local organization to help people with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder live rewarding, nurturing and valued lives.
  1,089 Photography in Focus A professional photographer and teacher gives us tips for taking better photos.
  1,090 Understanding the US Constitution

Historian Reno DiBono gives a very clear explanation of our US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. He tells why things were written into it, and why they work for us. The laws become understandable.

  1,091 Holiday Ukulele Annual Holiday Show featuring Ukulele No Ka 'Oi, a class at the Cupertino Senior Center singing favorite holiday songs and carols. You will also learn a thing or two about ukuleles    

General Ostenberg’s Reserves in the Middle East

Maj. General Robert B. Ostenberg describes the U.S. Army Reserves' training and service in the Middle East.
  1,093 Salvation Army Major David R. Yardley, Santa Clara County Coordinator for the Salvation Army describes the many services this charity does locally and internationally.   
  1,094 Seniors’ Quality of Life and Care

This program addresses how seniors can improve quality of life as they age and long-term care alternatives.

  1,095 Tim Myers, Author of delightful books for children of all ages

Award winning writer Tim Myers talks about his children's books, and why the story is not the only key component for enjoying timeless books.

  1,096 Click on Your Career

Thought leader and employment authority Dr. Tracey Wilen describes effective job-search techniques for the new economy.

  1,097 Working After Retirement

Leading medical editor Dr. Charles Bedord describes the challenges and rewards of staying professionally active after retirement.

  1,098 A2Z Homeschooling

Homeschooling authority Ann Zeise discusses how parents can give their children an independent education, and her web site with a wealth of supporting resources.

  1,099 Leadership Mountain View Leadership Mountain View. For 25 years, this program has produced valuable community leaders in an innovative way.

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