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Show List - 1100 to 1199

  1100 Homeland Defense Maj. General Robert B. Ostenberg explains how U.S. Northern Command (NORTHCOM), and North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) are helping in Homeland Defense.
  1,101 Women Lead Dr. Tracey Wilen discusses women in leadership roles, generational differences, key leadership attributes, softening of traditional gender roles, and the importance of mentoring.
  1,102 The Civil War Noted historian Reno Di Bono discusses the causes and results of the American Civil War
  1,103 Finding the Experts Charles Bedord, Ph.D., reveals how he finds expert witnesses to participate in such legal cases as patent disputes, class actions, etc.
  1,104 Parenting with Love Tim J. Myers is the author of Glad To Be Dad. Loving parenting conversation from a committed stay at home dad. Live studio audience, asks Tim excellent parenting questions.
  1,105 World War I Causes and Outbreak. The turbulence of the 20th Century started a century ago, and we still feel its effects.
  1,106 2014 June Ballot Propositions The League of Women Voters presents the state propositions on the June 2014 ballot, and discusses the current state of California's finances. Don't forget to register and to vote!
  1,107 Bureau of Automotive Repair The Bureau of Automotive Repair, a part of the Department of Consumer Affairs, is dedicated to protecting California consumers in the automotive repair marketplace.
  1,108 Hiring a Contractor Tips on how homeowners can minimize their chances of getting scammed when hiring a contractor.
  1,109 Straight out of Life: Poetry of Tim J. Myers This delightful program is highlighted with the author reading some of his enriching, joyous and heartfelt poems from three of his books. Tim is an award winning author and poet.
  1,110 Employed for Life With added longevity, globalization and a diversified workplace, what does it take to be "Employed for Life"?
  1,111 Age-­‐Friendly Cities Communities adapt to an aging population.
  1,112 Cupertino Parks & Receration Discussion of many subjects monitored by the Cupertino Parks and Recreation Commission.
  1,113 Filoli Gardens Filoli is one of the finest remaining country estates of the early 20th century
  1,114 Technology Helping Seniors Seniors staying in touch with just a touch screen
  1,115 A Young Woman's Voice for Autism April is Autism Awareness month. A young author with autism speaks up for her specific needs.
  1,116 Crime Provention A Santa Clara County Deputy Sheriff shares crime prevention tips and strategies.
  1,117 Public Art in Cupertino Visit Cupertino and seek out the art treasures freely available to the public.
  1,118 Alzheimer's—Hope on the Horizon? A Stanford University School of Medicine Professor/Researcher discusses what is being done to develop new treatments and prevention of this degenerative brain disease.
  1,119 League of Women Voters The League of Women Voters presents the state propositions on the November 2014 ballot
  1,120 The Cupertino Coin Club The Cupertino Coin Club is a club for people interested in coins and history.
  1,121 SPAUG Computer Users Group Activities at a computer users group in Palo Alto.
  1,122 DogFest The Silicon Valley DogFest showcases the skills of service animals.
  1,123 Wildlife Associates We visit a wildlife sanctuary where the animals do the teaching. Learn about their programs for schools and for at risk youth.
  1,124 Christmas Tubas The Ohlone Tuba Ensemble entertains us with a selection of holiday favorites.
  1,125 Honeybees: Colonization & Culture A bee colony and their human tender come to the studio to teach us about these fascinating creatures.
  1,126 Stress and the Caregiver Many people will become caregivers at some point in their lives, and the demands of caregiving can become extremely stressful.
  1,127 Fine Gardening A Certified Fine Gardener provides tips for your outside and inside plants for the Springtime.
  1,128 Elder Care Management Cancelled
  1,129 Career Predictions in a Digital World Author Dr. Tracey Wilen discusses career strategies for dealing with the challenges of the new economy.
  1,130 Work and Play this Summer It's time to think about how you will spend the summer. Author Dr. Tracey Wilen talks about summer job, educational, and volunteering opportunities.
  1,131 Personal Training for Seniors Senior citizens can benefit from having a personal fitness trainer
  1,132 Pedestrain Safety Whether you drive a car or use public transportation, at some point during the day, everyone is a pedestrian, and pedestrians are the most vulnerable users of the road
  1,133 eBooks from the Library E-­‐book step-­‐by-­‐step instructions using an electronic pad to check out books from the Santa Clara County library system.
  1,134 1908 Great Auto Race Revisited Our guest took a 1928 Plymouth Roadster and retraced the 1908 Race Around the World. Please join us as he discusses his 16,358 mile adventure.
  1,135 Elder Abuse Cancelled
  1,136 The Rhythmaires The Rhythmaires Band from the Cupertino Senior Center entertain us with music from the first half of the twentieth century.
  1,137 Career Selfie Did you know that we take 95 million selfies per day and that we view our smart devices 1 billion times per day? Maybe it's time for us to focus and look at our jobs and careers as much as we take our selfies.
  1,138 Negotiating in a Candidate's Market The US job market is turning a corner, and caution gives way to confidence as more employers expect to add more full-­‐time regular staff.
  1,139 Retiring in a Digital World Did you know that one in three Americans is over the age of 50, and by 2030, one in five Americans will be over the age of 65?
  1,140 Technology and Retirement

One out of every 8 Americans is considered a senior citizen today. How will technology change the landscape of our aging society?

  1,141 Libbray Surprises Things you didn't know about your local library.
  1,142 50+ Sports Cupertino Senior Center highlights six of their sports for the 50+ community.
  1,143 Honor Flight The Honor Flight organization takes World War Two veterans to Washington DC to see monuments created in their honor.
  1,144 Tracy Wilen on Gifts The time of year when people turn their focus on the holiday ritual of gift giving is fast approaching.
  1,145 Gerontology Stories Unfolding - a new realm of gerontology.
  1,146 Zero Waste Chef 40% of food goes to waste each year in the US, and the amount of plastic pollution in our environment is alarming.
  1,147 Hiring Trends & Insights 2016 Our employment needs to continue to evolve as new technology makes some of our jobs obsolete, but also, many new opportunities are created.
  1,148 Zen A show describing the history and practice of Zen in the United States.
  1,149 Attention Deficit Disorder Leading neuropsychiatrist Dr. Saad Shakir talks
about Attention Deficit Disorder.
  1,150 Fire it Up with County Fire The Santa Clara County Fire Department offers many other services besides putting out fires, such as educating the community on
fire and life safety.
  1151 Incredible Edibles The prebiotic nutrients and probiotic bacteria in your
"gut"; where they come from and how they contribute to your physical and mental health?
  1152 Korean War Veterans -
A Thank You
We interview two Korean War veterans and thank all who served.
  1153 Cupertino Chief of Police Why is a county sheriff the Chief of Police for Cupertino? Why did he choose to be a peace officer? What are some of his duties?
  1154 Depression and Anxiety Dr. Saad Shakir discusses mental disorders of depression and anxiety.
  1155 Here Comes Generation Z There's so much information on the millennial generation, but now there's Generation Z, and many are curious, what will they be like?
  1156 Creating a Culture of Innovation Find out how The Tech Museum of Innovation is inspiring the innovator in everyone.
  1157 Bipolar Disorders Dr. Saad Shakir discusses bipolar disorder and treatments.
  1158 The Many Faces of Mental Illness Dr. Saad Shakir discusses a variety of mental disorders.
  1159 CA 2016 State Ballot Measures - Part 1 League of Women
Voters of Cupertino-Sunnyvale present Pro's and Con's of 2016 Statewide Ballot Measures.
  1160 CA 2016 State Ballot Measures - Part 2 League of Women
Voters of Cupertino-Sunnyvale present Pro's and Con's of 2016 Statewide Ballot Measures.
  1161 Quilts of Valor The Quits of Valor organization honors combat veterans ith hand-made quilts.
  1162 Old Broads Rule! Three ladies provide us with the beautiful harmonies of Americana Music.
  1163 Holiday Harmonies Your favorite holiday melodies in four-part harmony.
  1164 Celebrating Chinese Food Chinese food is one of the world’s greatest
cuisines and Americans were first introduced to it in the mid-1800s.
  1165 Sleep Disorders Dr. Saad Shakir describes common sleep problems and their treatment.
  1166 Medical Humanitarian Mission A philanthropist and a neuropsychiatrist describe their work with war refugees in Jordan.
  1167 Medicine, Technology and the Brain Dr. Saad Shakir describes new techniques in treatment of mental disorders
  1168 Ayurveda, Aging with Energy and Vitality

Ayurveda, or Ayurvedic Medicine, is one of the world’s oldest health systems going back perhaps 5000 years.

  1169 Oral Cancer Dr. Rajagopal discusses oral cancer and treatments.
  1170 Two Guys and Their Garlic Garlic Ambassadors Sam Bozzo and Gene Sakahara of the ‘SakaBozzo’ cooking duo share their laughter, fun and memories from the Gilroy Garlic Festival.
  1171 Somatic and Psychosomatic Pain Noted neuropsychiatrist Dr. Saad Shakir
discusses the causes of various kinds of pain.
  1172 Asian Brush Painting Traditional Chinese brush painting has a rich
history as an enduring art form, and has developed continuously over a period of more than six thousand years.
  1173 Alzheimer's: Caring for Pat A journey through the cruel world of dementia that
inspired a loving husband to become an advocate for dementia awareness - learn
what signs to look out for.
  1174 Soundman The sound man/woman is the person responsible for the sound quality at a broadcast or public event.
  1175 Mt. Umunhum Cold War Radar Station The Mt. Umunhum radar station was
an important part of Cold War and South Bay history.
  1176 The ER Experience What is it like to go to the emergency room and
what should we know ahead of time?
  1177 Russian Snow Michelle Carter, author of “From Under the
Russian Snow”, describes her experiences promoting journalism in post-Soviet Russia.
  1178 San Jose Metroplitan Band The San Jose Metropolitan Band: learn about it
and see it in concert.
  1179 Female Hormones and the Mind Neuropsychiatrist Dr. Saad Shakir
discusses the effect of hormonal changes on female mental well-being.
  1180 Cancelled 
  1181 Eyes in Ethiopia Imagine living life without sight, and little or no access to medical help. Dr. Huck Holz describes his mission to perform eye surgery in the
third world.
  1182 It Starts With a Tree How an artist finds logs, mills them and turns them into beautiful custom furniture.
  1183 Through the Eyes of a Drone Interest in Drones is flying off the charts these
days and drones are poised to become a multi-billion dollar industry.
  1184 Bill Hare-A Capella Master We meet A Capella producer, Bill Hare, who
offers us a special holiday musical treat.
  1185 Is Age Just a Number? We’re living longer than ever before, but becoming
physically and mentally debilitated as we age is NOT inevitable.
  1186 Addictions Neuropsychiatrist Dr. Saad Shakir discusses the causes and forms of various addictions.
  1187 Cupertino Cherry Blossom Festival The Cupertino Cherry Blossom Festival is a celebration of Japanese culture and has been held annually in April since 1983.
  1188 Cupertino Historical Society Find out about the origin and history of
Cupertino, California from the President of the Cupertino Historical Society.
  1189 Visions of Burning Man Thousands of people gather in Nevada’s Black
Rock Desert each year for a weeklong celebration of art, music, dance, and more,
at a festival called Burning Man.
  1190 Advance Directives An Advance Directive is a legal document that explains what a person’s medical wishes would be if he or she is unable to tell the medical
care providers directly.
  1191 Cancelled  
  1192 Cancelled  
  1193Sepsis: A Life Threatening Condition

Our guest sheds some light on a condition called Sepsis, which affects more than 1.5 million
Americans each year, and 250,000 die from it.

  1194 Seniors Aerobic Line Dancing Ladies from a senior aerobic line
dancing class perform.
  1195 Robots and Their Young Masters Mountain View High School Spartan
Robotics 971 competes in Silicon Valley Regional’s FIRST robotics competition.
  1196Running a Small Business in Silicon Valley A look at what it’s like to run a small business in Silicon Valley and what challenges small business
owners and employees face.
  1197Leaders of Asian American Involvement We interview Dr Alan Seid and Mary Seid, founders of Asian Americans for Community Involvement, an organization focused on services & critical support for Asian Americans and for all.
  1198My Half of the Sky Hear about the coming of age story of a young
Chinese woman who is trying to find her place in a complex, changing modern world, while being pulled by China’s traditional culture.
  1199 Cupertino's Sister Cities City of Cupertino mayor, Darcy Paul, describes the
benefits and interesting activities involved with having Cupertino’s four sister

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