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Show List - 1200 to 1299

  1200 Spartan Robotics - We are 971 At a local high school in Mountain View, California, enthusiastic students design and build robots whilst learning the art of communication and teamwork.
  1,201 Cupertino Poet Laureate 2018 Come visit with Cupertino Poet Laureate, Kaecey McCormick, as she shares her poetry reflecting current events.
  1,202 All About Flu An ER doctor talks about the flu, a contagious respiratory disease which can cause mild to severe illness and even death.
  1,203 Chinese-American Historical Museum Chinese-Americans set up a museum to preserve artifacts and memories of early immigrants to San Jose, CA.
  1,204 Volunteering - The Gift of Giving There is something very special about volunteering and about the people who do so. Join ‘The Better Part’
at the 2018 Cupertino Volunteer Fair and meet some of them. Volunteering truly is ‘The Gift of Giving’.
  1,205 Breathe California of the Bay Area Breathe California of the Bay Area was founded in 1911 and has been in existence ever since.
  1,206 Shannon Grissom - Song Painter In Production
  1,207 California Statewide Propositions Fall 2018 Pros & Cons The League
of Women Voters discusses and analyzes the fall 2018 Propositions.
  1,208 Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office The Santa Clara County Sheriff's
Office was founded in 1850, making it one of the oldest law enforcement
agencies in the State of California.
  1,209 An Old Fashioned Christmas It’s Christmastime and we would like to invit you to share the warmth of the Season with us as we celebrate the Holidays with An Old Fashioned Christmas. Artist/Song Writer Shannon Grissom sings some old well-known Christmas songs for your enjoyment.
  1,210 Be the Match The Better Part interviews a representative from Be The Match, an organization to find donors for blood and bone marrow transplant.
  1,211 A Millennial With Many Talents Meet someone who is a dancer, singer, and
also has a successful high tech career.
  1,212 The Colors Within In Production
  1,213 Listening for Extraterrestrials In Production

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