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Show List - 800 - 899

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The 442nd Regimental Combat Team. A brave Japanese American reveals his experiences with this famous WWII experiences with this famous WWll Group.
Roses: the Queen of Flower Learn about the care and pruning of roses from a local Master Gardener.
  802 WWII Letters Link a Family See  private letters exchanged by a WWII orphan and her family scattered by war.
  803 WWII Merchant Marines Two veterans explain how these courageous men served as the civilian arm of our national defense.
  804 OSS Agent A local resident reveals his exciting WWII adventures in Vichy France and Casablanca with the OSS.
  805 Is it Alzheimer's? Keep your brain healthy and learn how to identify Alzheimer's at an early stage.
  806 Diagnosis: Alzheimer's You or a loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimer's -- what to expect and how to cope.
  807 Cupertino Senior Center 25th Celebration Party wiyh the behind-the-scenes people who made the celebration a success!
  808 California History. Leland Stanford Learn about the life and times of this fascinating man from a noted California historian.
  809 Successful Campaign at the YMCA See what it takes to make a campaign successful.
  810 One Man's Journey Through War and Life Share the rediscovery of life after war as a local man relates it by book and documentary.
  811 Vaulting: Gymnastics on Horseback This sport is in the news as America wins two gold medals! See how youthful competitors learn the grace and strength required.
  812 Elder Law Learn essential facts about Advanced Health Care Directives from an attorney specializing in elder law.
  813 Digital Clubhouse Cancelled because of technical reasons.
  814 Interplast Meet the CEO who enables highly skilled medical volunteers to bring plastic surgery miracles to the third world.
  815 Dave Samuels and his Music Enjoy a blend of Classical and Modem music played on the Piano.
  816 Dr. Brian Murphy Interview Spend a half-hour with Dr.Brian Murphy, the new President of De Anza College, and learn a lot about him and also about the new facilities that have recently constructed on the De Anza campus.
  817 Ms Kristin Sings Listen to a talented national singing star, songwriter, guitarist, and keyboard player.
  818 Chinese Opera Experience the exciting ancient art that combines music, singing, and acrobatics.
  819 Plane Tree Library Visit the homey atmosphere of the Bay Area's unique medical library for the public's need to know.
  820 From Immigrant to Mayor How does an immigrant rise to the position of Mayor of a large city? Cupertino's 2005 Mayor tells us how..
  821 Rebekahs The Rebekahs, a fraternal order for women, has been active in Cupertino for one hundred years. Learn who they are and what they do that make their order important to the community..
  822 Mission to India Learn what a local church is doing to help untouchables in India become educated and successful in their world.
  823 Let's Play Cricket! Cricket is catching on in California see interviews with CCA founders and excerpts from a match in England.
  824 Philosophy of Exercise An expert discusses the "do", and. "don't" of exercise, and the importance of moving our bodies.
  825 Plastic Surgery A local specialst discusses the many ways that can help us look great for years to come.
  826 Driving with Used Cooking Oil Learn how to drive your diesel  with a fuel alternative that incurs little or no expense.
  827 Giving and Giving Back Due to donor generosity, a young woman is now a lawyer in Nicaragua helping abused women and children.
  828 Wealth Management Make plans for your retirement and beyond.
  829 Plan D from Medicare HICAP analyzes Medicare's new prescription plan.
  830 Tree Grafting A Master Gardener tell us how to make a fruit cocktail tree by using multiple grafts.
  831 The Single Senior Women of the Better Part Single Senior Women of BET (panel discussion)
  832 Tale of Escapes A small boy's struggle to survive from concentration camp to Siberia to Uzbekistan, and more.
  833 The future of Public Access TV Behind the scenes politics and policies of a premiere public access TV station
  834 The Choraliers (Xmas) The Choraliers, a mixed choral group, sing a selection of Christmas music.
  835 Grandparents Adopt a Family Feel the warmth of a Bay, Area family that adopted four Russian orphans.
  836 Healing Movements with Alexandria As Cupertino celebrates 50 years of incorporation, a local expert discusses the city's interesting history.
*** 837 Snippets (Sr Wit & Wisdom) In production.
  838 Cupertino History As Cupertino celebrates 50 years of incorporation, a local expert discusses the city's interesting history.
  839 Australian Health Care A world traveler explains a common system used by many countries in our global community.
  840 Escape to the West A German family's harrowing two-year trek to get to the American side of occupied Germany.
  841 The Clutter Lady The fun of collecting can lead to the confusion of clutter and even the dangers of hoarding.
  842 Oliver Finger Paints Learn how a native of Burmas creates his unique greeting cards.
  843 Book Production Follow a published author's progress through publishing and marketing a book.
  844 Hungarian Experience Hear moving memories of boyhood during Communist occupation.
  845 Cupertino Library Come with us as we explore the busy, beautiful, state-of-the-art Cupertino Library.
  846 Special Families Award-winning members of OS Families share the cares and delights that go with being a "special family".
  847 Eclipse Over Egypt An avid amateur astronomer captures the March 29, 2006, eclipse and explores ancient Egyptian temples and the Nile River
  848 Treasure Hunter A long-time practitioner reveals his methods of hunting and collecting treasures.
  849 Evelyn, Tsunami Survivor A young survivor of the devastating indonesian Tsunami shares her experiences.
  850 Indian Jewelry A local jewelry artist and entrepreneur shows how gold jewelry is created, and displays the many beautiful regional designs of India.
  851 Marvelous Marvel Hear how marvelous Marvel Crookston managed to raise 16 children, win beauty contests, and skydive!
  852 Shannon Grissom  'Famous Artist' Looking for a new hobby? Let a talented local artist inspire you to paint!
  853 Dot & Jim Maley: Super Master Gardeners Meet a talented couple who learned the art of gardening in a big way!
  854 The Better Part' ... in Japan?? A journalist travels from Japan to interview 'The Better Part' with hope of starting a seniors program in Japan.
  855 Prostate Screening Learn why routine screening can save your life.
  856 Neighborhood Watch Keep yourself and your neighborhood safe by learning what you should watch for.
  857 Wing Walker A 96-year old man talks about his days performing on the wings of biplanes in the 1920's.
  858 Santa + Three Santas Three Santa's tell some of the stories that you don't get to hear.
  859 Benchmark Legal Services Practice trials for lawyers? Meet the people who hone the courtroom skills of novices.
  860 Watsonville Band If you like brass bands and Christmas music, this is the show for you.
  861 Finland: Land of Beauty and Health Care Discover why this tiny country may have a big impact on people around the globe.
  862 Invasive Plants A Master gardener's expertise on getting rid of destructive plants and replacing them with easy-care natives.
  863 Necklace - The Birth of a Musical How do you create and produce a new musical? Two seniors tell us how they did it.
  864 Public Arts in Cupertino Learn about Cupertino's Public Art Policy, see beautiful examples, and meet a local artist whose are has been used.
  865 From War-Torn London to Silicon Valley Hear the sound of Sputnik, as it was heard 50 years ago.
  866 Red Hats Dressing in purple and sporting red hats, these lively ladies are seen everywhere!
  867 Botox: The Good, Bad, or Beautiful. A local neurologist explains the many facial and muscle conditions relieved by Botox.
  868 Cupertino Library Foundation Want an outstanding, award-winning library? See what a citizen-based foundation dedicated to their library can do!.
  869 Exercise for the Lower Limbs At any age you can learn how to strengthen your legs and hips.
  870 Job shadow Lynbrook High School students discuss the Job Shadow program at their school.
  871 Christmas with the Bay Bells Visions of sleigh bells and snow, brought to you by the sounds of hand bells.
  872 The Amazing Electric Car
Part 1
Invented in 1834, hear why these wonderful cars (from toys to performance racers) are sure to be in our future.
*** 873 Myths & Truths of Eye Health (Grewal) Analog editing In production.
  874 Martha Kanter Dr. Kanter discusses the challenges which she currently addresses as Chancellor of De Anza and Foothill Colleges.
  875 A Quilt is Forever Looking for a hobby?  Quilting is still one of America's favorite pastimes.
  876 Personal Safety An expert in the field of law enforcement explains how to keep yourself safer in many common and/or dangerous situations.
  877 Cantor Arts Center - Jewel of a Museum? Hear the curator, of this country's largest University museum, the Cantor Museum at Stanford, explore its precious art and objects
  878 Pioneer Women The Murphy wagon train and Diana Murphy Hill's colorful life are discussed.
  879 Cupertino Veterans Memorial The city honors all U.S. veterans with a sculpture of a Cupertino son and his Navy Seal partner, a Wall of Honor and a Walk of Remembrance.
  880 The Amazing Electric Car
Part II
Invented in 1834, hear why these wonderful cars (from toys to performance racers) are sure to be in our future.
  881 Putting the Cart Before the Horse 'Eclipse Chaser Extraordinaire', Ernie Piini, joined by his editor, displays a vast collection of his books on eclipses and other solar events with photos from around the globe.
  882 What women don't Know Can Kill Them Fact: Heart attacks kill more women than cancer.
  883 Susan Z & Harpist (Soft Harp Music 4 Xmas) Rev Hear the music of Christmas accompanies by the harp.
  884 Diwali Festival of Lights - An Ancient Indian Festival Lights up Cupertino with Delicious Food and Lively Music.
 *** 885 Case Manager (Karen Du Goss) In production.
  886 West Side (history by Bob Levy) A local map researcher tells and shows us about Westside and the Cupertino area from its beginnings.
  887 76 Year Old Ice Skater  Barbara Vitkovits, at 76, skates with Olympic Gold Medalist, Sirgay Ponomarenko.
  888 Classes for Phys Limited (Beggs) See what wonderful choices are available at De Anza College for the disabled.
  889 Cycle with a Sidecar  Hear about the fun of cycling with a companion sidecar.
  890 United Pilot (4M miles in Friendly Skies) Follow a scary flight with three of four engines quitting during a Honolulu approach.
  891 Erecting the Prusch Farm Park Windmill Learn how an historic windmill was assembled and erected at this popular San Jose park.
  892 Carving the Ark View the amazing Ark display with boarding animal pairs at the annual wood carver's contest.
  893 Reverse Mortgage What are they? How do they work? An expert explains all about reverse Mortgages.
  894 Pizza, Vino and the Italian Festa Listen and marvel at Dick Contino, the great accordionist from the 40's.
  895 Ukrainian Festival Celebrating Ukrainian Independence- The new nation enjoys its culture, at the Ukrainian Independence Day celebration in San Francisco.
 *** 896 A Solar Power Application In production
  897 Wood Carvers Part I Learn the art of carving treasures for either keepsake or gifts.
Wood Carvers Part II Learn the art of carving treasures for either keepsake or gifts.
Homeopathy for Allergies Learn the art of a unique German health care.

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