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Show List - 900 - 1,000

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TICC Commisioners Interview Members of Cupertino's Technology, Information and Communications Comission talk about their City Council advisory role.
Vacations Five crew members talk about their various vacations. It may help you decide where to take yours.
  902 Mayor Sandoval Interview The new mayor of Cupertino talks about her priorities for 2008
  903 St. Jude's Solar Initiative Program A Cupertino resident tackles the global warming problem and shows the way for other residents to join the fight.
  904 Traveling Trunk The Cupertino Historical Society and Museum send members out to share and teach youngsters and others about Household items used in Cupertino long, long ago. They share those items with us.
  905 Pros and Cons of Statewide Propositions Members of the League of Women Voters will explain the Propositions appearing on the June 3rd 2008 ballot.
  906 On The Town with Judy Verona Joseph Learn how Judy combines interesting people with exciting subjects.
  907 Science is Elementary The Silicon Valley non-profit, Science is Elementary, provides science and technology professionals to turn kids on to science with hands-on experiments
  908 Sight and Vision Having good sight does not always mean you have good vision.
  909 Community Newspapers Community Newspapers - A professional photographer and reporter describe their jobs with community newspapers, and explain how those publications operate. 
  910 Ham Radio Two very experienced Amateur Radio Operators explain how ham radio works and what can be experienced by users.
  911 Berlin: Old and New A journey through historic and modern Berlin after the wall came down.
  912 Cupertino Host Lions Club The International Lions Club in 202 Countries. Learn about the Community Service of the Cupertino Lions.
  913 Neurological Speech Pathology Lisa Sanchez, a speech pathologist discusses her work with patients.
  914 Humanitarian Vacations Hear how your next vacation can make someplace in the world a better place
  915 Jill – The Service Dog Meet Jill, an intelligent, Yellow Lab puppy, as she trains to become a multi-talented canine companion and service dog.
  916 Woman’s Suffrage

Do you ever wonder who and how the women finally got to vote? An expert takes us through this interesting story.

  917 California Elections 2008, Propositions The League of Women Voters of Cupertino-Sunnyvale presents the Pros and Cons of State Propositions in the November 2008 Election.
  918 All About Travel Kim Frey, the Cupertino Senior Center Travel Coordinator, talks about how she performs her job as Travel Coordinator and provides great travel tips.
  919 French Health Care Learn how and why the French are better than our USA healthcare.
  920 Short Skirts and Snappy Salutes – WWll

Women in the military service in WW2.

  921 Vision Literacy A non-profit organization, Vision Literacy has the mission to teach English literacy to Silicon Valley adults.
  922 Home Safety for Seniors If you're concerned about falls, or fires in the home or any other safety topic, watch this show. An education officer from the Santa Clara County Fire Department educates us on how to stay safe.

Cupertino Patch

This program will introduce the viewer to a new on-line medium called 'Cupertino Patch' specializing in current news and events happening in and around Cupertino. 
  924 Jacques Littlefield's Military Vehicle Museum See and hear about the many historical military vehicles in our nation's largest privately owned collection.
  925 Daughters of the American Revolution Hear about the membership and charitable works of this organization whose ancestors were involved in the American Revolution.
  926 Silicon Valley Reads Possibly the world's biggest book club. A county all reading the same book.
  927 Prosthetics A look at new upper limb prosthetic devices and the benefits they bring to peoples' lives. 
  928 Ann's Trip to Hollywood See 955
  929 Vacations II The Better Part crewmembers have been to some interesting places, both before and after retirement.  A lively discussion ensues among five members.
  930 Vietnamese Cooking with Chef Steve The popular Bay area chef, Chef Steve, teaches how to cook a 3-course Vietnamese meal
  931 2008 Christmas Show Memories of Christmas shows past.
  932 Widows & Widowers Cancelled because of technical difficulties.
  933 Come Fly With Me Hear about the fun of piloting and owning a small airplane. When your husband gives you the keys to a new airplane, you learn to fly it.  Hear about lessons, piloting, and owning a small airplane.
  934 From Wheelchair To Stage   Our guest tells how she recovered from a crippling workplace accident to become a participant in model bodybuilding contests and winning trophies.
  935 Cupertino Optimist Club Three members of local Optimist Clubs talk about their Clubs' charitable works and their organization
  936 Cupertino Rotary Service Clubs, do you realize just how much good these clubs do in your community and internationally? Around the world service clubs are helping our neighbors.
  937 Shock Teens Sober Every 15 Minutes some one dies in an alcohol related car accident. Here is a program that vividly alerts teens to the consequences of driving while under the influence, DUI. A realistic display of an accident and its implications. Every 15 Minutes is also the name of the program.
  938 Active And Over 50 A magazine devoted to the issues and adventures of the second half of life.
  939 A Korean Boy's Story Hear the story of  a Korean boy’s experiences during the Japanese occupation of Korea, living through the Korean War, and under Communism.
  940 Cleantech An expert on Clean Technology reviews alternatives that are available to deal with energy and water shortages.
  941 Emily Wu’s Life Story A local resident and author tells what growing up in mainland China from 1956 to 1980 was like.
  942 Feeding the Homeless A mother teaches her son the importance of “Giving Back” working as part of a team feeding the homeless in San Jose.
  943 Disaster Skills Learn how to protect yourself, your family, and your home during fires, earthquakes, floods, and toxic disasters.
  944 Pharmaceuticals - From Laboratory To Bedside Learn about everything that goes into development and approval of a new pharmaceutical drug.
  945 Assistance League of San Jose This Chapter of the National Assistance League conducts several programs that make life better for the young and old in Silicon Valley.
  946 Cupertino Senior Center Events & Activities Teresa Mo, Senior Center Recreation Coordinator, discusses all the activities and events that are available for members and also tells the viewers about her background.

Seniors On The Internet

Seniors On The Internet Are seniors too old to learn how to use the computer and the Internet? Tune in and learn how one senior lady, Maggi Ferguson, proves that this is not the case.
  948 Spider Veins And Aneurysms A vascular surgeon describes the various treatments that are available for patients with vein and artery problems.
  949 Greening Of Cupertino Learn what the “greening” of Cupertino means as explained by Rick Kitson and Erin Cooke who manage this program for the City of Cupertino.
  950 San Jose Giants & Minor League Baseball A discussion of minor league baseball and the local San Jose Giants team with their Director of Player relations.
  951 Silicon Valley Leadership Group Carl Guardino, CEO of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, speaks about the goals and good works of this dynamic, high profile organization.
  952 Preparing For Pandemic Flu   Learn what you can do to avoid the H1N1 (swine flu) virus in the coming flu season.
  953 Cancer Information Learn what the latest cancer research can tell you about the prevention and the treatment of cancer.
  954 Peregrine Falcon - Saved! Find out how the Peregrine falcon was saved from possible extinction and how dedicated volunteers are still protecting the species.
  955 Moore's Mother In Production
  956 Professional Baseball – A Player’s Story This program provides an opportunity to learn the story of a baseball player whose dream came true when he signed to play with the San Jose Giants.
  957 25,000 Miles To Maturity  An interview with the author of “The Longest Half Mile” the story of a teenager’s coming of age during his voyages of discovery to Australia and France.
  958 Mission To Iwo Jima Follow the longest eclipse of the 21st century.
  959 An American In Gandhi's India The remarkable story of Samuel Stokes Jr. who gave up his life of wealth and privilege in America to dedicate himself to living and empowering the rural poor in India.
  960 Home Energy House Call SF Bay Area residents can request a home energy audit that will show them energy and water conservation measures and provide up to $300 of conservation devices.
  961 Visiting An Abalone Farm In Monterey Bay Learn all there is to know about raising abalone.
  962 Australian Health Care The Australian health care system is similar to our Medicare system except it covers everyone, not just seniors, and is less costly.
  963 Hiller Aviation Museum We visit the Hiller Aviation Museum for a view of the groundbreaking era of flying in the Bay Area plus a look at some flight simulators that inspired our future aviation pioneers.
  964 Autism In Children Recent statistics indicate one out of 166 children is diagnosed as autistic. Is it an illness with a specific cause and specific cure or is it a lifelong disability? This program provides answers.
  965 Coffee-How To Enjoy It  The secret of enjoying coffee is by learning more about how it is grown, its production, its selection, and its preparation. A coffee expert discusses all phases of this marvelous beverage from the time it leaves the coffee plantation until it is poured into your cup.
  966 Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Learn how the City of Cupertino trains citizen volunteers to assist Police and Fire Departments in an emergency or disaste
  967 Growing Up Under Bombs Born in Essen, Germany in 1939, our guest tells us what it was like during the first six years of her life as she grew up under Allied bombing raids during WWII.
  968 Christmas With Serendipity The Serendipity Dancers bring you happiness and good cheer this Holiday Season. Merry Christmas from Santa and Happy Holidays to all?.
  969 Dave the Plumber Learn more about what your plumber knows.
  970 American Health Care Costs   Per capita healthcare costs in the US are much higher than in any other country, in spite of ranking number 37 in quality.  Why are we not getting our money's worth?
  971 Memoir Writing An instructor explains and demonstrates her teaching techniques that bring her senior students memoirs to life and how these stories have benefited children and the community.
  972 Visit India A land of diversity, color, natural beauty, 5,000 years of history, gastronomical delights, and most of all mystery.
  973 Culinary Journey Through India Join us on a journey to explore regional foods of India, a country whose cuisine has been influenced over centuries by its invaders.
  974 Alcohol And Drug Abuse A professional counselor and “intervention specialist” discusses the problem, symptoms, and treatment of alcohol and prescription drug addiction in adults.
  975 Alzheimer's:
Talk To Me
Communicating with an Alzheimer’s patient as a disease advances can be challenging…. Learn some techniques that really work.
  976 Great Escapes in Northern California Wonderful trips you can take that are close to home and within your budget.
  977 June 2010 Ballot Measures Analysts from the League of Women Voters present the June ballot propositions…what they do, what they don’t do, and who’s behind them.
  978 Talking About Termites Learn about the different kinds of termites and how to utilize termite inspectors in order to protect your property from these insects.
  979 Habitat for Humanity Habitat Silicon Valley has completed their 50th home in Santa Clara County and has plans for many more …find out how you can help.
  980 Formation of American Freedom Well known television anchorman Fred La Crosse provides us with fascinating information about our early democratic republic.
  981 Digital Video Club Past president of this Club, Robert Meacham, talks about the art and fun of making good videos and how the Viewfinders Club helps members achieve their goals in this area
  982 Rebuilding Together A Silicon Valley version of neighbor helping neighbor.
  983 Antarctica Visit the land of Penguins and historic Shackelton mishaps.
  984 Celebrating 50 yrs of Cupertino Little League Cupertino Little League coaches describe the history of Little League baseball in Cupertino, the joys of coaching and their love for the game.
  985 Frank Dicker - Singer and Song Writer We’re entertained today by an interesting fellow, who in retirement, is fulfilling his life-long dream as a singer and songwriter.
  986 Arden Woods Historic Farm Ardenwood Historic Farm has many family events in every season. Join us for their Winter Holiday Time.
  987 Portola Valley & Alpine Miniature Trains Railroad and train lovers will enjoy seeing how a few men built their own miniature railroad and viewing the interesting engines they have built.
  988 Geneaology To whom do these old people belong?
  989 USO - United Services Organization Two local USO Directors describe the services provided for military personnel and their families
  990 Radiation Therapy A discussion about radiation therapy with a local Radiation Therapist from Kaiser Permanente
  991 Captain Terence Calderone, Santa Clara County Sheriff's Department Cupertino’s “Top Cop” tells how he arrived at this post and how his Office & Staff provide affordable Public Safety in Cupertino.
  992 Senior Services Learn about many services provided by volunteers from senior home repairs to driving seniors to medical appointments
  993 California Senator Simitian California budget problems are threatening our public services.  Hear Senator Simitian being interviewed by former Cupertino Mayor Nick Szabo on this subject.
  994 Twenty Years of Autographs A collection of personal encounters and memories expressed through the sport of golf.
  995 54th Coast Artillery Regiment The last remaining soldiers of the black 54th Coast Artillery Regiment which protected our West Coast during WWII describes the recent unit celebration at Santa Cruz
  996 Postcard Lady The Postcard Lady visits several South Bay cities through a series of early postcards she has collected over many years, which she combines in her “Show & Tell.”
  997 The Culture Of Tea Tea is served at local restaurants with food from around the world.  Learn about buying tea and its health benefits
  998 Seige Of Budapest A local man describes his family's experience and survival during Russia's siege on Budapest, Hungary during WW11.
  999 Escape FromThe Iron Curtain Hear one family's story about life and escaping from behind the iron curtain.

The Better Part
The 1,000 Show

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